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Smart Glass for ‘Total Light Management’


CE Pro Editors · July 1, 2013

Lutron Electronics, a leader in lighting control and motorized shades, is partnering with SAGE Electrochromics, developer of electronically tintable glass to create the Total Light Management System.

Integrating the control of lights, shades and tintable glass “optimizes the use of daylight and electric light in offices and homes and enhances occupant comfort,” according to a recent press release announcing the partnership. “That means increased productivity and comfort and lower energy bills ….”

Specialists from both Lutron and SAGE will work together to commission a system and manage the integration, “giving builders one less detail to worry about in the construction of high performance buildings,” says Helen Sanders, PhD, VP technical business development at Sage.

The new solution combines SageGlass—dynamic glass that tints on demand to modulate light, heat and glare—with Lutron’s portfolio of QS products, including the Quantum total light management system, HomeWorks QS total home control system and Sivoia QS motorized shades.

“The combination of dimmable lighting, motorized window treatments and electrochromic glass is a powerful tool in the war against energy waste,” says Pekka Hakkarainen, PhD, Lutron VP government affairs. “Each of these solutions, on its own, can have a significant impact. Putting them together in an integrated façade can yield even greater savings and a solid return on investment.”

Lutron claims that since electric lighting accounts for approximately 38 percent of an average building’s total electricity consumption, the building owner can save up to 60 percent of lighting electricity usage.

Improves Worker Productivity, too

Controlling natural light has other benefits than saving energy, Lutron notes, pointing to a still-relevant 2002 report, “A Literature Review of the Effects of Natural Light on Building Occupants.” (pdf)

“Most important, the solution benefits people,” says Dr. Hakkarainen. “Studies show that daylight and unobstructed views can have an enormous effect on the satisfaction, health, motivation and performance of those who live or work in the buildings.”




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