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New York, NY, January 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- BenQ Materials, a leading optical component manufacturer, is planning to introduce its new product line, Smart Film Series, which currently includes 2 product categories, H.A.D.E.Ssmart privacy window system and advanced PDLC products during CES (Consumer Electronics Shows) 2016 in Las Vegas USA.


H.A.D.E.Ssmart privacy window system is an intelligent innovation. The complete privacy protection day and night is the best selling point as well as a breakthrough of this product. The currently available solutions for privacy maintenance including traditional curtains, blinds or PDLC products inevitably block your view while offering privacy protection. H.A.D.E.S smart privacy window system is designed to bring you a 24-hour privacy protection from public to personal spaces. It allows you to be comfortable and relaxed as much as possible, even sitting near the window, and yet no worries to be seen.


In addition to the unique one-way-see-through function, the H.A.D.E.S privacy window system also provides value added features of environmental protection, energy conservation, and convenience by integrating the functions of e-curtain and tint adjustment. It not only blocks the heat and light to save the cooling cost but also blocks the 99% of harmful UV rays. Its diverse and flexible functionality makes H.A.D.E.S an ideal solution for the retail, hospitality, hospital or corporate office applications.


Weve seen the demand and weve figured the smart glass / film products in current market can be much smarter. By extending our research momentum in 3D optical film for displays, BenQ Materials has combined the display panel and LED lighting together with other control devices and came up with this amazing system. This system can fulfill peoples longtime dream of the real one way see through window which works at night,said Dr. Robert Wu, associate vice president of BenQ Materials.


H.A.D.E.S is also an Internet of Things (IoT) solution for smart home applications which helps to create a comfortable and ease home environment. The smart system can connect to the smartphone, desktop or tablet so that you can easily adjust the tint change and control the indoor lights. It not only protects you from harmful UV rays in the daytime but also maintains your personal privacy at night.


BenQ Material PDLC products innovatively integrate with laser engraving technique, which makes it not only be able to instantly change from opaque to transparent mode by simply switching the power on but also can be widely applied for diverse commercial applications due to its logo and pattern customizability. Retailers can show the open / closed message in an environmental-friendly way while the bakery can show its tasty bread image to attract customers. Its low reflection design helps to reduce discomfort glare.


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